Wells High School Alumni Association, Wells, Maine

Our Scholarship Program

An early goal of those who founded the Wells High School Alumni Association was to build a fund big enough to give the first scholarships in 2003, in conjunction with the 350th Anniversary of the Town of Wells. After several years of fundraising, WHSAA was able to present four $1,000 scholarships to deserving members of the Wells High School Class of 2003.

In 2004, the Alumni Association accepted the administration of the long-standing Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship Fund and the newly-created Edward A. Morse Vocational Scholarship. In 2010, WHSAA agreed to handle a scholarship in memory of Michael Pauk. Since then we have added the Adams Family Scholarship, the Margaret Littlefield Grant Scholarship for Nursing and the Brandi MacDonald Art Scholarship.

Each year, WHSAA notifies the Wells High School guidance department of the scholarships available and their amounts. Using information provided by the guidance department, a WHSAA committee chooses the scholarship recipients.

Through 2017, scholarships handled by WHSAA totaling $70,350 have been awarded to WHS graduates. Money for scholarships comes from activities such as variety shows, yard sales, road races, scrapbooking crops, raffles, and an annual golf tournament. Alumni donations are a significant contribution to the work done by WHSAA.

WHSAA is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to providing scholarships for WHS alumni. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Our Scholarship Recipients
2017 Alyssa Loukola Adams Family Scholarship
  Sydnie Sayward Brandi MacDonald Art Scholarship
  Kyle Durost Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Riley Dempsey Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship
  Sara Ring Margaret L. Grant Nursing Scholarship
  Emma Clarrage WHSAA Scholarship
  Emily Cottis WHSAA Scholarship
  Halee Ramsdell WHSAA Scholarship
2016 Kent Keller WHSAA Scholarship
  Kelly Leger Margaret L. Grant Nursing Scholarship
  Elise McCormack-Kuhman Brandi MacDonald Art Scholarship
  Conner Muchemore Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Samuel Sayward WHSAA Scholarship
  Hatim Sharaf Adams Family Scholarship
  Nicholas Wuerthner WHSAA Scholarship
2015 Emilie Dow Brandi MacDonald Art Scholarship
  Bradley Hollins Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Andrew Michaud WHSAA Scholarship
  Daniel Quint WHSAA Scholarship
  Tyler Robichaud Adams Family Scholarship
  Stephanie Towne Margaret L. Grant Nursing Scholarship
2014 Kassandra Batchelder WHSAA Scholarship
  Bennie McMinis Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Stephanie Woods Margaret L. Grant Nursing Scholarship
  Emilie Wooldridge Adams Family Scholarship
  Megan Young WHSAA Scholarship
2013 Jason Chase WHSAA Scholarship
  Kaitlin Devlin Margaret L. Grant Nursing Scholarship
  Brandon Morton Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
2012 Doug McLean Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Whitney Lallas Adams Family Scholarship
  Wantana Theerathampitak WHSAA Scholarship
2011 Michael Burgess Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Sabrina Link Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship
  Brittany O'Brien WHSAA Scholarship
2010 Rebecca Colley WHSAA Scholarship
  Cassandra Dixey WHSAA Scholarship
  Shelley Duplisea Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship
  Deanna Gamache Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Justin Dickson Michael Pauk Memorial Scholarship
2009 Kendra MacDonald WHSAA Scholarship
  Meshach Gregg Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Molly Burgess LuAnne Jellison Memorial Scholarship
2008 Joshua Tufts Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship
  Hallie Woods WHSAA Scholarship
  Jessica Johnson Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Aliza Van Schaack LuAnne Jellison Memorial Scholarship
2007 Jennifer Carter Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship
  Samantha Charles WHSAA Scholarship
  Tonya Ferreira Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Brandon Stevens WHSAA Scholarship
2006 Ryan Fenderson Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  Zachary Taylor Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship
  Brittany Ford WHSAA Scholarship
  Andrew Griffin WHSAA Scholarship
  Tyler Stevens Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
2005 Ronnie Porter Edward Morse Scholarship
  David St. Onge Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship
  Chad Dickerson WHSAA Scholarship
  Lindsey Ganslow WHSAA Scholarship
  Kathryn White WHSAA Scholarship
2004 Kristi Bouchard Edward Morse Vocational Scholarship
  William Froncko WHSAA Scholarship
  Cristi Hutzler WHSAA Scholarship
  Christian Millian Ethel M. Weymouth Scholarship
2003 Allison Fiske WHSAA Scholarship
  Jennifer Spiller WHSAA Scholarship
  Andrew Bourne WHSAA Scholarship
  Jacob Leech WHSAA Scholarship